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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

The first exchange program for European entrepreneurs!


About the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs’ program

You want to make your impactful entrepreneurship project a reality? Beneficiate from the experience of another European entrepreneur? Join the adventure right now!

You are a young entrepreneur?

To apply and join the EYE adventure, you do not need to have launched your entrepreneurship project. All you need is a business plan and you will be able to beneficiate from another experimented European entrepreneur from one of the 27 countries of the European Union, plus, Albania, Iceland and Turkey. During your stay, you will get a monthly grant to allow you to cover all your costs. The exchanges can last from 1 to 6 months. According to the current situation, the exchange can start from where you live due to the distance restrictions.

You are an experimented entrepreneur and want to beneficiate from the experience of a young project holder?

You have been at the head of a business for at least 3 years? Join the adventure as well by welcoming a young and motivated European entrepreneur by your side! This is an excellent mean to beneficiate from their skills and to experience news ideas for your business or even develop some commercial opportunities in another country. Moreover, you will allow a young entrepreneur to gain new skills and to grow thanks to you!

Yashar Naghdi just passed his master degree specialized in urban environment at the Ecole Centrale in the city of Nantes in France. Yashar took part into the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs' program and travelled to Berlin to develop news skills thanks to an experimented German entrepreneur. This experience will allow him to build his own business in the urban sustainable development.


« Young entrepreneurs need to travel and to discover new markets to be more aware of what is going on in our world. It is a chance to be supported by an experimented mentor and to beneficiate from his experience from when he developed his own business. »

Yashar Naghdi

It is your turn, join the adventure!

Our partners

The Erasmus for young entrepreneurs’ program is funded by the European commission.